What is a monitor and How to buy the best office/gaming/editing monitor?


what is a monitor And what are the types of monitors,  We will talk about it how the monitor is an output device that sends information in the form of a soft copy to the monitor screen, the monitor does not have a television tuner, it has HDR (higher display resolution) which allows small letters or fine graphics. helps to see.

Monitor मैं Graphics information 

 In this process, before anything is shown on the monitor, the video card or graphic card is processed in your CPU, then whatever is clicked by your mouse or keyboard, (video or image, etc.)Graphics information, or display your picture or video on your monitor.

History of Monitor / History of a pc monitor

Understand the history of Monitor, perhaps you will know that Monitor is also called Visual Display Unit. The first computer monitor was made in 1922 using CRT (cathode ray tube) technology and this technology was used to make television screens. But the monitors made with this technology were very large.

 That’s why LCD technology started being used in the year 2000, which was very thin and simple. Nowadays, monitors with new technology displays have come in the market, such as QLED, OLED, AMOLED, etc. full form of monitor = monitor full form (Mass on Newton is trained on the rat)

Know the types of monitors

Let’s understand some types of monitors like – CRT, LED, AMOLED, QLED, TFT, and PLASMA.

What is a CRT monitor?

CRT (cathode ray tube) was used earlier, it was very large, this monitor has an electron gun, and it makes an electron beam and cathode ray. In this, the electron beam is passed through the electron grid, so that the electron speed can be controlled. There is a coat of phosphorus on the screen of the monitor, as soon as the electron beam collides, the pixels start glowing and the image becomes visible. You must have seen these on your old TV or monitor. Over time, LCD monitors started being used instead of CRT monitors.

what is TFT monitor?

TFT monitor (thin film transistor) is also similar to LED flat panel display. But it is of better quality than LED. The contrast ratio has improved more, due to which good image or video is seen.

What is a plasma monitor?

 It is made of glass and contains ECLG (electrically charged ionized gas). Its contrast ratio, viewing angle, and fast response time used to be very good, but now they have stopped making it because there is no demand for it in the market.

what is an LED, monitor

LED (light emitting diodes) is also a panel, it is more brightness controlling, nowadays eye care monitors come, in which sensors are installed, last longer, and consume less power.

What is an OLED monitor?

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) In this the panel of the monitor is better than the led panel. It emits a high contrast ratio, due to which black appears more black, and white appears more white.

The OLED display is also used in 2 ways – AMOLED (active-matrix) and PMOLED (passive-matrix).

What is a QLED Monitor

Qled (quantum dot led) has proprietary panel technology, and its color contrast quality- looks great on the display. Qled was made by Samsung company, quantum dots are used in LED panels for a good image quality or viewing angle.

How to buy the best office/gaming/editing monitor

If you want to buy a monitor, then you need to have some important information about the monitor, in this article, we will talk about how to buy a monitor, and how to choose the right monitor.

We have to work with Monitors for a long time, so choosing a good Monitor is an investment for you.

This investment will make your experience and work comfortably.

According to the use, we have covered the monitor in some points which you will read further.

Monitor for office work 

If you are troubled by the old monitor in your office or you feel like a strain on your eyes and headache while using it, whose old screen and thick bezels make you disappointed. If you are looking to buy a good office monitor, then you are at the right place.

For Office use, you have to make sure that what will be the size of the screen. To select the screen, you should go for the regular size 18 to 23 inches, offices mostly use this size. And it would be better if you focus on a good panel. next we

Aspect ratio, resolutions, panel types, contrast ratio, response time, refresh rate, etc. will be seen –

Monitor for Gaming –

 A good gaming pc needs a good monitor, whether it is gaming or professional work, there are monitors for different tasks, such as games, video editing, photo editing, and graphic designing, for which work the monitor is required, only after that is your budget is decided.

Aspect ratio :


This means that how is the shape of the screen and most monitor has two types of aspect ratio, such as -16:9 and 21:9,

  • We speak of 16:9, wide-screen monitors.

  • We speak of 21:9 ultrawide screen monitors.

16:9 ratio is the most common because our LCD tv also supports this ratio and youtube also supports this ratio.

Ultrawide screen monitors What is

 We use it mostly if you are a content creator means you are also an editor then you can take an Ultrawide screen monitor because you get more space in it, due to which you can do your editing work easily, with this you can use it even if you want to do ultrawide gaming but not everyone supports ultrawide. That’s why you must check once whether the monitor supports ultrawide or not.

Now we can be sure whether to buy an ultrawide i.e. curved monitor or not because the curved monitor has an angle, it matches the viewing angle of our eye, so its experience is very good. But instead of a normal curved monitor, it would be better if you take an ultrawide monitor only.

But curved monitors can give a good experience to only one person and if in a family or office, I want to show my screen apart from myself. So a flat panel screen will be better for you and even if you are an animator or 3D designer, the flat panel will be better for you.

Screen size  

Monitors can be of different sizes, but which one you should choose can be determined by how far you are sitting in front of your monitor. But your budget is a bit slow, even then try to take it up to 21-23 inches.


Right now there can be monitors with 4 types of resolutions in the market, HD, 2k, 4k, and 8k, we tell how many pixels are there on our monitor. You can understand it in such a way that the higher the resolutions, the more pixels, the better the monitor will be.

But high resolutions are also not good on the small screen, on the contrary, low resolutions are not good on big screens because pixels start bursting. if you

If you want to buy a good-resolution monitor, then you can take a full HD monitor up to 27 inches.

Panel type 

From the panel, we learn about the monitor’s brightness, colors, contrast, and response time. There are mostly 3 types of panels in the market – TN, VA, and IPS.

TN panels – 

These panels are very common panels, in which we get a high refresh rate (240z) and response time (1ms) with good color, and brightness, which are good for playing games like shooting games (pub g)(cod) or car racing.

VA panels –

 These panels are much better than TN panels, better than TN in terms of color and brightness, but have the same refresh rate (200z) and response time (4ms).

IPS panels 

 These panels are best in brightness or color than TN panels or VA panels, but they can have a refresh rate (200z) and response time (4ms) and they are also expensive.

Now let’s talk about which monitor you should get, so if you go for a cheap monitor – normal browsing or using spreadsheets, or doing competitive gaming, then you should go for a TN panel.

Latest Suggestion  

And if you are a content creator, graphic designer, editor, or video editor, then an IPS panel will be the best option for you. You must be wondering if we cannot do gaming in it, then, of course, you can do competitive-level gaming in it.

Refresh rate 

 This means, how many times the monitor refreshes in 1ms, the higher the refresh rate, the more images or gaming will be smooth in it, mostly we get monitors up to 60hrz, which are sufficient, but when you do gaming, monitors come up to 144 – 240hrz, which show a huge difference to gamers. But wait, will the monitor itself do your work, it is not like that, you must have a powerful CPU pc only then expensive monitors are of your use.

Response time  

Any monitor whose response time is less than 10ms is sufficient, which you get to see in an LED monitor. Nowadays monitors of response time up to 1- 4 ms come, which is considered right for all kinds of use.

 The earlier LCD monitors used to have a response time of up to 20 ms, which was not good.

Contrast ratio  

It tells about the color accuracy or sharpness of the monitor. The contrast ratio of the monitor depends on whether it’s white color so white / And how black is black color. In most cheap monitors, the white color will be either yellowish or bluish and the black color will be greyish. So better black or white color comes only inexpensive monitors and higher contrast ratio.


 I hope this post has given you a complete idea about monitors, and you have learned something about the types of monitors.

 In this post we How to buy a monitor, what is the aspect ratio, when to use ultrawide screen monitors, screen sizes, types of resolutions, what are the types of panels, what is the meaning of refresh rate, what is response time and contrast ratio what happens.

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How to choose the best monitor

Some things must be kept in mind while buying the monitor.

  1. Understand your needs while buying a screen

Keeping your needs in mind, then choose a monitor according to your work, whether you want a monitor for office, gaming, or video editing.

  1. find a new updated version

It is important to have new technology in a high-quality monitor. With this, you will enjoy better graphics and performance.

Frequently asked questions and answers when buying a monitor

  1. Does the monitor need to have an IPS panel?

Yes, in monitors with IPS panels, you will enjoy better visibility and you will get special advantages from different viewing angles.

  1. Is monitor size important?

While buying a monitor you should consider your work for what work you want to buy a monitor do you want to do gaming or that will use multimedia, editing or trading keep in mind that a bigger size monitor may give a better experience.

  1. Is the refresh rate of the monitor important?

Yes, the refresh rate is an important character that facilitates the smooth performance of the monitor. You will get better gaming and video experience with high refresh rate monitors.

  1. Is contrast ratio important in monitors?

Yes, a monitor with a good contrast ratio will let you enjoy better and deeper colors and show you more detail.

  1. reviews

While buying a monitor, the review must be checked, doing this will help you in making purchases.


When you go to buy a monitor, the information provided by Justbuyer.com (What is Monitor and How to Buy) will help you.